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YesLocal Digital build applications based on Salesform platform. We help localize the global platform for our local customers. 

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dynamic form

With our user-friendly 'drag & drop' interface, business users like you can now create customized forms in a flash. Say goodbye to tedious coding and hello to effortless form creation!

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Appointment Easy

A calendar publishing & self-service appointment booking solution that enables app users to customize and publish their calendars online via Salesforce Experience Cloud, allowing end customers to book the calendar from community cloud.



Elevate procurement with our AI-powered RFI/RFP app. Effortlessly address queries about your offerings, methodology and costs, streamline responses, and secure contracts for business success.

dynamic form

Are you looking for a seamless way to create dynamic forms with conditional logic?😊 Look no further!
Our Dynamic Form Package is here to revolutionize your form-building experience.
It streamlines the entire workflow, making it easy for you to create stunning forms in Salesforce Experience Cloud. 🎉
Try the free Dynamic Form Package today and elevate your form-building experience to new heights! ✌️

Appointment Easy​

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing appointments manually and embrace the future of streamlined appointment booking🗓️.
Customize your calendar and share your availability with ease💻.
📲Allowing your customers to book appointments at their convenience via Salesforce Experience Cloud.
Try Appointment Easy now and revolutionize your calendar management!💕

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A group of passionate Salesforce experts who are keen to help customers achieve their business success!

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